About Alex Mustaros

In the Beginning

I was born and raised in Mexico City by parents whose parents were from diverse origins, Spanish, Mexican, French, and Italian.

I was always exposed to travel. My dad used to travel all over the world and I always listened in awe about all the different stories he would bring home with him.

I remember very well our family vacation trips that had to be planned for quite some time, before even thinking of going to the Travel Agency to buy the air tickets or reserve a hotel.

My mom and dad would sit at the dinner table and fill it with maps, brochures, photos, postcards, and whatever piece of information they could get.


“Luxury Travel has become a passion for me.“

Alex Mustaros
All that incredible display of information right before my eyes would make me dream about the future and visiting every country in the world.

I was fortunate to have parents who always wanted to give my siblings and me, many diverse experiences in life instead of material things. They always thought that money used for travel was an investment in ourselves and not an expense.

That same philosophy has remained with me for forty years and is the same one I try to teach my children these days.

Throughout my life and career, I have been able to travel quite frequently and visit amazing destinations.

Bucket List

Alex Mustaros – Luxury Traveler

I have been able to do this while staying at incredible hotel properties around the world, enjoying many of the things that we, as travelers love to do when we travel, experience new cultures, taste incredible food, drink different spirits and wines, enjoy art and artístic expressions and meet new people from all over the world.

That’s why Luxury Travel has become a passion for me. I would love for everybody to be able to travel and experience some of the finer things in life while traveling.

What do I want?

With this website, I would like to help and inspire all those discerning individuals who like to travel and also like to research, study, and learn about the places they will be traveling to or would love to visit, in order to enjoy their travels even more.

I hope it inspires you and you find it useful.